Care For Your Lawn

The lawn is the most abused area of the home, with a lawnmower driving over it once or twice a week, the kids running all over it, and sometimes it has to even serve as a parking lot. If proper care is not taken of a lawn, it can easily look thin and faded, weeds can take over, or worse it can get bare spots in high traffic areas that won't produce anything green, and with a little care, this can all be solved.

What Happens To Your Lawn

Over time the top soil of your lawn can settle or be compacted due to lawn mower usage, being a high traffic area for humans or animals, or simply by natural settling of the soil. When the lawn gets compacted it is harder for the underlying layer of living and dead roots to decay the dead roots which in turn feeds the new roots, and as time goes on the problem only gets worse.

How Does A Plugger Help

Lawn Plugger TineA true lawn plugger has tines that act more like coring spoons, they are hollow in the center, and tapered to make the hollow section larger at the top of the tine creating an easy flowing motion for core sections or plugs to be removed from your lawn by the weight of the plugger to be placed entirely on only a few of the tines at a time. The plugger penetrates several inches deep, and brings the plug to the top of the lawn, which breaks through the underlying layer of thatch, and allows air and other nutrients to reach the roots of the turf. The plugs then will dissolve in the rain loosely filling back in the holes which gives young turf an easier path to the top and keeps your lawn from compacting to the point that vegetation can no longer grow in it.

When Should I Plug My Lawn

The best time to plug your lawn varies by location, you should look for a time when the growing conditions are as close to perfect as possible meaning:

What Makes A Good Plugger

A lawn plugger should possess a few qualities, and some of them are relative to your tractor. The most important aspects are the width, the weight, and the connection. The width of the plugger should be at least the width of your tractor, that allows you to finish the task in as few passes as possible, remember every time your tractor passes over your lawn it is compacting, so unneccesary passes should be avoided. The weight of a plugger is what gives it its ability to dig deep into the soil, and while steel construction is a good start, often times it is not enough, many pluggers are water-fillable, meaning that the hollow drum that holds the tines can be filled with water to really pile on the weight, others have ways of storing common heavy objects on the attachment such as weights or cinder blocks. The connection of your plugger matters depending on what kind of machine you have, most pluggers use a 3 point hitch to make this connection, while a few use a simple trailer like hitch for a pull behind plugger and you always want to make sure you get the one that fits your particular machine.

Where To Find Them

Everything Attachments Lawn PluggerThere are many places to find a lawn plugger, so you should be careful and find someone you trust. If you have spent any time online looking for tractor or skid steer attachments, you have seen or heard of the Internet's largest online retailer of farm and tractor equipment Everything Attachments, they have a larger selection of pluggers online, and with 65+ years of experience in the industry, it is no wonder that the best selling plugger on is the Everything Attachments brand of lawn plugger. The Everything Attachments lawn plugger is available in 4', 5', and 6' widths, and is water-fillable to weigh up to 710 lbs. and has a rack on the top designed to hold cinder blocks for even more weight. The drum on the Everything Attachments lawn plugger is designed in a rotating helix pattern vs. the traditional straight rows of spoons, this allows for the weight of the plugger to rest on a few tines instead of a row that spans the entire width of the plugger, meaning that you don't need as much weight to push the tines deep into the soil.

UPDATE: Everything Attachments has produced the best lawn aerator on the market at an amazing price. The new Xtreme Duty Lawn aerator is now available on their website in 36" and 48" widths. The Xtreme Duty Lawn Plugger has independent, greasable wheels that allow for light turning, and the 36" model weighs 650 lbs. so that it will pull out 3-4" cores making sure the your lawn roots get the much needed air and nutrients.

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